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First steps to Concussion Recovery

Have Hope

This may be a big ask for you. In the last weeks or months you have suffered. You have tried everything you know to try to heal. You may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars. You have fought with your own limited capacity to think, plan and execute. You no longer feel you are yourself. You are afraid and you may be losing hope.

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Ordering Supplements

As a benefit to my patients, I have set up an online service that you can use to purchase pharmaceutical grade supplements from home. I am currently offering all supplements through this site at 5% off retail price. The site gives an additional 5% off if you subscribe. They also provide free shipping for orders of $50 or more.

You can log on here:

Because some of the supplements are only sold through health care practitioners, you may need a prescription. If so, simply email me and I will set it up.

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Can Chiropractic cure Arthritis?

Can you Heal Arthritis

As a chiropractor, a week doesn’t go by without someone asking if Arthritis can heal. Maybe they’ve been to their GP and gotten an x-ray and the report says “degenerative changes” of this joint or that joint. Or maybe they have a sore knee or back and their doctor just declares that they are old and that’s the end of the story!

I am always amazed at the responsive nature of the body. Arthritis starts with joint dysfunction. That means a joint is either not moving well or is out of alignment. This causes inflammation and additional wear and tear on the joint. Over time the smooth cartilage on the joint surfaces gets roughed up. Does it ever sound like you have sand in the joints of your neck? That’s called crepitus and it means your cartilage is getting worn.

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