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First steps to Concussion Recovery

Have Hope

This may be a big ask for you. In the last weeks or months you have suffered. You have tried everything you know to try to heal. You may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars. You have fought with your own limited capacity to think, plan and execute. You no longer feel you are yourself. You are afraid and you may be losing hope.

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Why It’s Important to Make Time for Your Nerves

The Power of a Healthy Nervous System

Why is it important to make time for your Nerves?  You may come home from work every day completely exhausted.You may spend most of your day taking care of your family with precious little time for yourself. Or you could be a single parent who does it all: makes breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone, works at a high-pressure job, and rarely has a spare minute to savor anything. Or perhaps you’re an über-busy executive, laser-focused on your business from early morning to late at night, five to seven days a week.

No matter what your situation, if you don’t make time for yourself to see your chiropractor, you’re not being proactive in maintaining good back and neck health. Your nervous system is suffering and you are missing out on having a higher level of energy and vitality.

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