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The Nerves in Your Spine Can Affect Your Entire Body from Your Upper Back Down to Your Toes. And Everything In Between.

Back and Leg Issues

back and leg pain

At Balance Chiropractic we provide gentle sciatica treatment without the twisting and popping of traditional chiropractors. This is because your spine is home to your spinal cord, a thick cable of thousands of nerves. If you suffer an injury, or have ongoing postural stress you can develop joint restrictions or misalignment that irritate or compress  nerves. A pinched nerve results in back or sciatica pain down the leg. We strategically place orthopedic blocks, (padded wedges), under your hips to ease the pressure off the pinched nerve and reposition the spine around it.

Upper Back Pain

Naturally, your body is best suited to being upright or walking; however, we live in a culture of sitting…at the office for 12 hours a day, in front of the TV for another 4-5 hours, in restaurants, movie theaters, driving, you name it. Wouldn’t you know it. Sitting puts great stress on the upper back that you can feel as a dull, achy pain. My chiropractic adjusting is the most effective and cost effective way of solving this issue. And I do it without twisting and cracking your lower back.

Lower Back Pain

This is the most common issue treated by chiropractors. You have a nagging, dull, aching pain that just won’t go away no matter which way you turn. You lie down, it’s there. You sit down on different chairs and sofas, it’s there. Some of your friends tell you to heat the area, others say to use ice. You’re stymied, and in pain. I have the solution. My chiropractic adjusting can open up the distressed joints and restore health.

Sciatica treatment

Your sciatic nerves start in your back and go all the way to the feet, and they may be responsible for pain, tingling, and numbness along that path. A common cause of sciatica is a bulging or herniated disc. Discs are gel-filled cushions between the vertebrae. If any of your joints are out of alignment, long tern stress can push the disc on to a nerve. Enough said, you’re in pain. I use the SacroOccipital technique of chiropractic that has a very gentle way of repositioning the disc and resolving this potentially debilitating condition quickly. In short, it gets rid of the pain and you feel well again. Many times patients have limped into my office bent forward in pain and had complete pain relief while laying on my table with the blocks and have greatly decreased pain upon standing after their very first treatment. Patients with sciatica do need to be patient, but you should feel more and more relief after each sciatica treatment.

Hip, Knee and Foot Pain

The sciatic nerve branches out and travels all the way to your toes. This means that problems in the spine can cause hip, knee or foot pain, sometimes without even having lower back pain! The trouble is, joint dysfunction in the hip, knee or foot can actually set you up for back pain and sciatica. This is often overlooked.  Often, an old ankle or knee injury that you body has adapted to and you may not even feel anymore will come back to haunt you as lower back pain. I understand how the structure of the whole body is interrelated. Of course, sciatic treatment focuses on the back, but also checking the rest of your structure to identify and clear problems that may have created the issue is also very important.

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