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Just 8 Nerves in Your Neck Can Also Affect Your Shoulders, Arms and Hands

Neck Issues

neck pain relief

Eight nerves originate in the neck. They combine and recombine as they travel down the arms to the hands. They can be pinched in many places along the way, causing pain, numbness and tingling.

Neck Pain Relief

So you have a stiff neck. You can’t move it with ease or it hurts when you try. Maybe it’s from repetitive stress , poor posture or ergonomics. Maybe it’s an old sports injury or car accident that set in motion a degenerative process that’s just showing up now. Our necks are mobile; however, it’s this same mobility that makes them vulnerable to injury. You can be assured my gentle chiropractic adjustment techniques provide neck pain relief, restore the motion, and get you feeling back to your old self.

Pain, Numbness or Tingling in Hands or Arms

These symptoms happen when nerves are pinched in the neck and/or get pinched as they make their way through the muscles of the neck, between the collar bone and first rib, then around or through the joints and muscles on their way to the hand. It’s a complex journey. Conditions such as  a Neck Subluxation, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel can overlap. You may not even need relief from neck pain even if the problem does begin in your neck.  I look at all possible pinch points and use chiropractic adjusting on the effected joints, and nerve mobilization on the nerves themselves to clear all nerve interference.

Shoulder Impingement and Frozen Shoulder

You have pain in your shoulder when you move your arms in any particular way. You have pain in your shoulder when you pick up a pot to pour yourself a cup of coffee. You can’t lift or reach up all the way over your head, or you can’t hook your bra. You can barely keep your arm on the steering wheel of your car, because it hurts your shoulder too much. Simply put, any of these symptoms mean one or more of the many joints and muscles involved in moving your shoulder are not cooperating with each other. Something is causing a pinch. This is know as shoulder impingement. Frozen shoulder is often the result of long term shoulder impingement. The chronic inflammation and irritation creates wear on the surfaces of the joints and gums them up with adhesions. Frozen shoulder is often treated with surgery, but it doesn’t have to be. This is one of my specialties and I am an expert in solving this puzzle.

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