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“An Epiphany Made Me Realize that Health Is Our Natural State of Being.”

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I knew I wanted to be a health professional since I was a child. My grandfather was a physical therapist for the University of Michigan Hospital and football team. He was blind, but keenly aware of his surroundings, and had a very refined touch. I tried to develop that same awareness by walking around with my eyes closed. Later in my career, I realized my childhood experience gave me a unique way to “see” inside the anatomy of the body, by visualizing as I touch.

I originally studied psychology at the University of Michigan, but my epiphany came in my last semester when my right arm and shoulder were injured in an Akido Class. I realized that mental  and spiritual growth were greatly challenged without a foundation of physical well being.

None of the medical doctors I saw could help me, other than prescribing muscle relaxants, which made me very drowsy and depressed. I was finally referred to a chiropractor. Within minutes, he told me a pinched nerve in my neck was causing my pain. His treatment helped me recover. Years later, that experience led me back to chiropractic. I left a promising career in business and enrolled in Chiropractic College.

As a student and doctor of chiropractic I have devoted my life to the belief that health that springs from a body in balance creates possibilities in all areas of life. Vitality is our natural state of being. At Northwestern Health Sciences University I supplemented my education with chiropractic seminars and extracurricular clubs, including Motion Palpation, Gonstead Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, and Activator Technique. I continue to deepen my knowledge and improve my ability to treat through seminars and study.

I’m especially proud to be the only Certified SacroOccipital Cranial Practitioner (CSCP) in the Bay Area. SacroOccipital technique, (SOT) is a gentle, hands-on chiropractic method that addresses the structure and neurology of the body on a very deep level. Being certified in both the Adjusting and  Craniopathy aspects of the technique allows me to treat complex conditions such as TMJ, migraine headaches, sinus issues, balance issues and concussion.

Having had many concussions myself, my research into treatment for concussion and mild traumatic brain injury have been extensive. In addition to the chiropractic and cranial therapies I provide, I can also look at the functional medicine aspects of your health that may be perpetuating concussion symptoms. Recently, I gave a presentation at the SOTO-USA Symposium on Diet and Lifestyle Factors affecting Concussion.

Taoists say that happiness comes from having a pursuit which you can continue to deepen your understanding of throughout life. Chiropractic has provided that for me and I’m happy to be able to share that with you.

My life wouldn’t be complete, however, without my beautiful wife, Keiko, and our smart, handsome little guy, Dean, who teaches me something new every day. Oops, I can’t forget Momo, our rescued Taiwanese Mountain Dog. She’s my incredibly sweet office companion who barks and licks at the same time.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing how better health through chiropractic care can help you improve the quality of all aspects of your life.

Dr. Jonathan B. Smith, DC

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