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Why It’s Important to Make Time for Your Nerves

The Power of a Healthy Nervous System

Why is it important to make time for your Nerves?  You may come home from work every day completely exhausted.You may spend most of your day taking care of your family with precious little time for yourself. Or you could be a single parent who does it all: makes breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone, works at a high-pressure job, and rarely has a spare minute to savor anything. Or perhaps you’re an über-busy executive, laser-focused on your business from early morning to late at night, five to seven days a week.

No matter what your situation, if you don’t make time for yourself to see your chiropractor, you’re not being proactive in maintaining good back and neck health. Your nervous system is suffering and you are missing out on having a higher level of energy and vitality.

Preventative Injury Treatments

About 30% of my patients call me after they’ve sustained an injury or suddenly have back or neck pain. They might have strained their back lifting something that was too heavy, sustained a sports injury, had a fall, or were in a car accident. The majority of my patients, however, come in with aches and pains that they can not explain. They are problems that have built up over time and could have been prevented. The really smart patients are those few who have never had issues.

The Importance of Maintenance Appointments

These “wellness patients” come in for regular maintenance appointments because they have learned the value of being proactive about their health. During these visits, which typically are set for every two to four weeks depending on their particular needs, I can adjust their vertebrae to keep their neck and back in alignment. This takes pressure off the nerves and muscles, prevents musculoskeletal issues an allows the body and brain to maintain a high level of function.

“For a little over a year, I felt something was missing with just osteopathy. I was also seeing another chiropractor who I knew wasn’t truly producing the benefits I would have expected having seen a very good colleague of Dr. Smith’s in Los Angeles in the past.

“Originally, I saw Dr. Smith weekly for quite a few months, which I believe really made all the difference, then every other week and now more like every three weeks. I consider chiropractic care something I must do to maintain a healthy balance in my body. For me, balance in life is something else and the body is only one aspect of that, but getting the help for my structure and physical being is very important to me and to my health.”

– Elaine H., Larkspur

The Flexibility of Concierge Service Appointments


House calls were common for medical professionals when many of us were children, so I’m bringing back that time-honored service if it’s time for you to have a wellness tuneup or if you have a headache, a migraine, back or neck pain and want to get back to optimal health as soon as possible, I can come to you.

Now, I’m pleased to introduce concierge services as a way to serve my Marin County patients with a deep focus, solve a specific problem, and optimize your time and health. These sessions of 30 to 45 minutes can combine a chiropractic adjustment, cranial work, brain health, and an overall nervous system tune-up.

Best of all, because I believe it’s important for you to make time for your chiropractor, I am offering these concierge services wherever you’re most comfortable––in your home, at your office, golf club, tennis club, fitness center, or my chiropractic office.

“I started seeing Dr. Smith in February, 2016, because of issues related to my balance and back pain. During the early phase of treatment, I saw him about once a week and gradually reduced the frequency of treatments over time. I now see him about once a month.

“I think maintaining a healthy balance in your life and body varies with each person, but for me it is something I do and am committed to do to maintain and improve my health.”

– John H., San Rafael

Find Our More About Why It’s Important to Make Time for Your Chiropractor

Now that you know why it’s so important to make time for yourself to see a chiropractor, please contact me to set up an initial consultation or a concierge services consultation. I can discuss your medical history, determine what first caused your neck or back problem, followed by a customized treatment plan.

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