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Is it Safe?

This is the underlying question. You know it has been on your mind, driving every other question you have had about what you should do, what others should do and what the government should do. I’d like to give you a new way of answering this question.

At this point, we know what we know and what we need to discover about Covid-19 aka the Corona virus. We have some directives. The key for both personal and community health, I believe, is not just in what we do, but in our personal response to this crisis. Let’s say you are in a burning building with no means of escape. You could either despair or prepare. It’s a situation you have never been in, but with a cool head, you would figure something out. Then you would hope for outside help knowing that you had done all you could. Your chance of survival would be much greater than if you had panicked.

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Can Chiropractic cure Arthritis?

Can you Heal Arthritis

As a chiropractor, a week doesn’t go by without someone asking if Arthritis can heal. Maybe they’ve been to their GP and gotten an x-ray and the report says “degenerative changes” of this joint or that joint. Or maybe they have a sore knee or back and their doctor just declares that they are old and that’s the end of the story!

I am always amazed at the responsive nature of the body. Arthritis starts with joint dysfunction. That means a joint is either not moving well or is out of alignment. This causes inflammation and additional wear and tear on the joint. Over time the smooth cartilage on the joint surfaces gets roughed up. Does it ever sound like you have sand in the joints of your neck? That’s called crepitus and it means your cartilage is getting worn.

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Fish Oil on the Brain

Basic Fish

Considering how good fish oil is for the brain, you would think fish would be a lot smarter. Good fish oil is comprised of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are what we call essential fatty acids because the body cannot produce enough for its own needs so we have to either eat foods containing them or supplement.

There are 4 Omega-3s that we need EPA, DHA, DPA and ALA. They have very long names. EPA has gotten a lot of attention because it is very good at reducing systemic inflammation and cardiovascular health. Most of the supplements you find on the shelf of health food stores will be either all EPA or a blend of EPA, DHA, and maybe ALA.

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