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Why Does a Chiropractor Need to Crack My Neck?

In my most recent article, “Does a Chiropractor Need to Crack My Back?”, I discussed the pros and cons of twisting the body to crack your back.  It’s not always the best way to relieve pain and pressure on the facet joints connecting each of your 33 vertebrae.

In this article, I’ll move up your spine a bit and discuss the practice of cracking your neck.

Cracking Your Neck? How I Would Treat That.

As with your back, I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t “crack” your neck. I do for certain patients when I determine that is the best course of action during a chiropractic exam and treatment. But I do want you to know that there are alternatives.

Cracking your neck is one effective way to get your neck joints moving, but there are others. A technique that is ideal for one person may not be the best for someone else. After all, there are eight nerves in your neck that can also affect your shoulders, arms and hands – they’re all connected and can be pinched in many places along the way, causing you pain, numbness and/or tingling.

Alternative Techniques to Cracking Your Neck: What is SOT?

neck-painI’m the only Bay Area chiropractor certified in this gentle method. Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) is a specialized, comprehensive, and innovative technique of Chiropractic founded in 1925 by Dr. De Jarnette. It’s named SOT because of the relationship between the sacrum (base of your spine) and the occiput (base of your skull).

The techniques utilized in SOT promote optimal innate healing mechanics for the neck, spine, pelvis, cranium, organs, extremities, nervous system, brain and muscles. These techniques promote balance, neurological integrity, and integrated function of your organ structure and neurological mechanism.


Stairstepping vs. Cracking Your Neck

Stairstepping is part of the SOT technique. Instead of cracking your neck, I move your head and neck in a serpentine pattern to mobilize the joints. That’s only from the base of your neck to the top of your neck.

To do the stairstepping SOT treatment, I hold your head and move it back and forth and raise it as I go to isolate different joints in your neck. It doesn’t take long but my patients do feel some relief during the process.

The Activator vs. Cracking Your Neck

I also use the Activator for gentle pressure on your neck and vertebrae to help restore motion to your joints without cracking. This is one of the most widely researched chiropractic techniques and is the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy. 

How I Adapt My Technique Instead Of Cracking Your Neck

I adapt my technique to fit the particular needs, as well as the tolerances of each person I’m working with. For example, if I think someone may need a manual adjustment to their neck, but they resist it because they think it may hurt, I will offer a variety of other techniques.

Applying Pressure Against a Vertebrae vs. Cracking Your Neck

One more technique that I use is to hold the patient’s neck and put pressure against a vertebrae that isn’t moving well. I then ask them to move their neck against the pressure in my hand to monitor their own discomfort and relieve some pressure on their neck vertebrae.

Find Out More About Treating Neck Pain

Now that you know the answers to does a chiropractor need to crack my neck?, please contact me to set up an initial consultation. During your consult, we can discuss your medical history, determine what first caused your neck pain, and how it can be treated to relieve your pain to get you back to your active life.

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