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Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Leg Issues

How Chiropractic Helps Backs Feel Better
“Oh my aching back,” is a phase I’ve heard all too often in my chiropractic office and it’s not surprising as back pain is one of the most common issues I treat. The fact that you found this article tells me that you most likely have some kind of back pain.

In this article, I’ll outline some of the common causes for lower and upper back ailments, then I’ll describe how I treat them.

What Causes Back Ailments?

If you have one of these problems, I would like to show you how chiropractic helps backs feel better:

  • Your back hurts because “you slept funny.”
  • You have back pain from compensating for neck, shoulder or leg pain.
  • Your lower back is in spasms, causing sharp pain down one or both of your legs – this could be caused by A bulging disc or spinal stenosis, (a narrowing of the spinal canal) resulting in sciatica.
  • Your lower back hurts on one side because of muscular strain or bad posture.
  • You have low back pain on one side that is felt in the front or back of your thigh because of a pinched nerve.
  • You have arthritis in your spine or a vertebrae has slipped forward, (a spondylolisthesis) and it’s causing local or radiating pain.

How I Help Backs Feel Better

Most chiropractors work with their patients to free-up restrictions for an improved range of motion. I take a more holistic approach, not only looking at what might be too loose, but at your entire view of your whole body to determine what caused your problem in the first place. Next, I discuss a treatment plan to help your back stop hurting.

I talk to each patient to understand your history of back problems to correctly diagnose the problem. I make you as comfortable as possible with adjustments that range from a very gentle joint mobilization to a more directed quick push to restore joint motion – whatever best fits your condition or tolerance level.

Chiropractic Techniques That Help Backs Feel Better

Because your spine houses your spinal cord that is connected to thousands of nerves, it’s very common for a nerve, vertebrae or muscle to have a misalignment or irritation, causing back or leg pain. Your problems and my solutions include:

  • Upper back pain – Sitting puts great stress on your upper back with dull achy pain. Simple chiropractic adjustments can open up disused joints and restore healthy.
  • Lower back pain – Chiropractic adjustments are the most common and cost-effective ways to solve this most common issue. I never twist or crack your lower back.
  • Sciatica – A bulging or herniated disc is common for patients with sciatica. Sciatic nerves start in your back and go to your feet. I often use the Sacro-Occipital Technique of chiropractic to gentle reposition the disc and resolve this potentially debilitating condition quickly.
  • Hip, knee and foot issues – The hip bone is connected to the knee bone, etc. So if you have one problem, it’s interrelated to other bones. I’ll adjust your affected joint, but also check connected bones that may have created the problem.

What Can You Do to Stop the Pain

Repetitive stress is an ongoing problem for most of my patients with back pain. All day long, you’re sitting in your car, on the couch, in front of your keyboard, or at the dinner table. That repetitive action over and over again causes your muscles and your tendons to get overworked, resulting in a series of small injuries.

Because I’ve found that back, neck or shoulder injuries are very common for office workers, ergonomics are very important. You can count on me to show you the best height for your computer, and how to set up your workspace to optimize posture and minimize pain.

If you have a question about any type of back pain, I welcome the opportunity to show you how chiropractic care helps backs feel better.

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