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We are all busy these days. Most of us work outside of the home and all of us seem to put in too many hours running from one thing to the next. Working professionals tring to run errands during lunch, mom's taking their kids to soccer or ballet; even our kids have overwhelming schedules. Go, go, go. Sometimes all of this activity causes headaches, backaches and other symptoms that take us off track.

Welcome to Balance Chiropractic, a place where you will clear out internal obstacles to health and leave feeling better. We will help you increase your vitality by balancing your body as we release pain and muscle tension. Your body knows how to heal itself and it is our joy to help release its healing power.

We use three main modalities;

  • Cranial Therapies
  • Chiropractic Adjusting
  • Nerve Mobilization

We will use these approaches to get you to a state of true well being - a state that you can maintain. They are particularly effective with migraine, sinus and tension headaches, TMJ, (jaw issues), neck, arm and back pain.

We invite you to our very personalized chiropractic practice. Our patients are mostly busy professionals, busy moms and children with headaches or bodily pain or who simply want to maintain a high level of health, but we welcome everyone. Please feel free to learn more from this site or call us anytime for a consultation or appointment.

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Dr. Jonathan B. Smith, DC