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Safety at Balance Chiropractic

Keeping you safe at Balance Chiropractic

As an essential service, I have stayed open during the Shelter in Place order to serve those needing immediate care. Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted I expect those of you who would like to return to regular self-care through chiropractic treatment will start to schedule. Please know that I am taking the following steps to insure your health and safety:

1. Providing high quality chiropractic adjustments so you may have the most vibrant, responsive nervous and immune systems possible.

2. Providing complementary cranial treatment through the end of May so that you may switch from the fight flight stress response of the nervous system into the rest and restore response.

3. Allowing 10 minutes between each appointment for social distancing and cleaning.

4. Washing hands mid-treatment after I put you on the orthopedic blocks.

5. Wiping down the table, door knobs, and desk with disinfectant after each treatment.

6. Using an air purifier with ultraviolet light.

7. Wearing a mask.

8. Keeping myself very healthy.

9. Laughing once in a while. 🙂

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